Beyond Hollywood - Season 1


What do the films we make say about the cultures we live in? Beyond Hollywood dives intro film industries around the world.

As the producer-director of this original 8-part series, I was responsible for the creative execution and delivery. This series was shot on location in Pakistan, Ghana, Hong Kong and Scandinavia and hosted by Film & TV critic, Cassam Looch. 

The full series is available to stream here.


Host: Cassam Looch
Series Producer-Director: Adu Lalouschek

Episode Producers: Ciaran Carney, Alice Daziano
Executive Producer: Mick Greenwood
DOP: Harry Jenkinson
Shooting AP: Dan Laughton
Series PM: Ian Parkin
Researchers: Joe Steptoe, Rosa Garvin, Giulia Francalanci

Post-Production: Culture Trip
Colour:  Johnny Birkbeck / Ollie Gill
Sound: Morgan Williams