Beyond Hollywood - Season 1


What do the films we make say about the cultures we live in? Beyond Hollywood dives intro film industries around the world.

As the producer-director of this original 8-part series I was responsible for the creative execution and delivery of this project. This series was shot on location in Pakistan, Ghana, Hong Kong and Scandinavia with Culture Trip's resident film expert and host, Cassam Looch.

The full series is available to stream here.


Host: Cassam Looch
Series Producer-Director: Adu Lalouschek

Episode Producers: Ciaran Carney, Alice Daziano
Executive Producer: Mick Greenwood
DOP: Harry Jenkinson
Shooting AP: Dan Laughton
Series PM: Ian Parkin
Researchers: Joe Steptoe, Rosa Garvin, 

Post-Production: Culture Trip
Colour:  Johnny Birkbeck / Ollie Gill
Sound: Morgan Williams